Glynis Tinglof

Glynic Chaffin-Tinglof was born in Inglewood, California in 1961 to a musician mother and a physicist father. She holds a BA in Psychology. She currently lives in Los Osos, CA with her husband and youngest daughter.


Chaffin-Tinglof began painting as a way of finding a connection with her father who died suddenly when she was 16. She describes him as an inventor, a pilot and a Sunday painter. "I loved helping him build things. He taught me to use construction power tools at an early age, which made my mother cringe." After his death, she claimed and kept her father's old grey, metal paint box as a keepsake, but it wasn't until much later in life that she began what she describes as the "wonderful, sometimes frustrating process" of teaching herself to paint. As a child, she would fly with her father in his small plane. As an adult she discovered aerial landscapes to be the perfect subject matter for her artistic exploration.


For Chaffin-Tinglof, aerial views are simultaneously orienting and disorienting. The subject matter allows her to move freely between complete abstraction and more representational work. Influenced by the work of Mark Tobey, Maria Helena Viera de Silva, Richard Diebenkorn and other artists of the 1950s, she says she loves to work in layers, often underpainting with bright saturated transparent paint, and then subtracting or covering areas with opaque or semi-opaque colors to give the composition depth and perspective. Her work has been described as "an exploration of the graphic imprint of humanity on the landscape of the west." Her use of aerial imagery can "give the viewer a new perspective of a familiar landscape" or conversely she can "use an aerial view as a jumping off point for work that aspires to be totally non-objective."


Chaffin-Tinglof's paintings are included in numerous private collections in the U.S. and abroad. Some of her corporate and public placements include: San Luis Obispo County Government Center's Permanent Collection; Arroyo Grande Hospital; Cor Therapeutics, and Cloudstar.

Recent exhibitions in California, New Mexico, and Chicago include: 50th' annual International Award Exhibition, San Diego Art Institute, CA; the final exhibition at The Preston Contemporary Art Center in Mesilla, NM; and a group exhibition at Chicago Art Source Gallery. Her work was also selected for publication in the 79th edition of New American Paintings.