Neil Buckland

When I first began tinkering with photography at the age of 10, I fell in love with how something that appears quite ordinary to the naked eye can be truly extraordinary when seen through a lens.  In time, I became utterly fascinated with the theory and science of photography, optical engineering, technology as a medium for art.  Over the past 27 years, though I've explored a wide range of photographic subject matter and application, my technical fascination has informed a consistent theme in all of my work: an almost obsessive pursuit of depth and detail. 


Cosmic Microscapes is a project that initially seemed quite different from my other work with nature landscapes and macro abstracts.  My fine art photography often renders an interpretive abstraction of reality, rather than merely documenting what is seen.  These images of meteorites represent real objects, captured as they are, with no creative interpretation or editing.  It was only after completing the first gallery collection that I realized how deeply this new work is rooted to the underlying themes in my fine art work.  It is completely natural, documentary in the extreme, yet utterly abstract.