Sara Mast

The Vastness of the milky way galaxy stretching in a cloudy arc across the night sky
is the embodiment of living in the West. In this place, one can look both outward
and inward, and contemplate the reciprocal relationship between oneself and the
universe. In my paintings, I map that distant terrain between cosmos and psyche,
exploring what is both human and more than human, what is as knowable and
intimate as our own skin and as unknowable and invisible to the unaided eye as our
body's interior or the outer edge of the solar system.


I am particularly curious about the relationship between our own bodies and the
body of the universe and what role the stars have played in our own biological
development. The wax used in my work is an ancient painting medium. As a vehicle
for pure pigments, its translucent yet dense materiality references our own flesh,
yet dissolves into particles that vibrate and buzz, harkening back to the bees and
echoing the constant flux of all matter. My interest lies in discovering a visual language
and image-worthy mapping process that explores humanity's connection to
the cosmos, and is resonant with what we currently know.


By creating works that contemplate our relationship to our biological origin in the
stars, I am attempting to generate images that overlay our primal mythologies with
current scientific research in order to generate 21st century images that encompass
our new level of understanding.