Ever since childhood, I have been attracted to artworks depicting simple organic shapes.  From my youth I remember a particular enthusiasm for the works of Miro, Arp, and Calder, and later the British sculptors Moore and Hepworth.  Today I believe I share a kinship of organic forms with Kapoor and also the architects Zaha Hadid and Frank Gehry. 


I am a very intuitive person, so I believe that the reasons for this attraction are very

subconscious (does it go back to the womb?), yet I have awareness of some familiar

experiences which may feed this satisfaction.  Perhaps the forms remind me of individuals, interacting with each other, having closeness or distance, trying to live together, cuddling, squeezing, crowding, being trapped or intimate, etc.....Maybe these forms make us think of bones or teeth or of internal organs, and the way they connect or abut each other.  Maybe they are like islands or the shapes we see in lava lamps or in a jar of beans.  All these possibilities and associations interest me, and hearing viewers describe their interpretations fascinates me as well.